11380 Guinevere Standard Polishing Kit

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    No More Hand Polishing! Brush and Polishing cloths are handmade to fit our Guinevere® inflatable sanders like a glove! Made of the best quality for long-lasting use. Perfect fit for standard round and drum sanders.

    Use Guinevere brush sleeves and cloth sleeves to polish the oil-based wax. The inspiration behind Guinevere’s organic oil wax was to provide maximum surface protection, leaving the exterior untouched and natural looking as possible, while still leaving a velvet finish. Guinevere Organic Oil Wax is best used after final sanding the workpiece with the Guinevere sanding sleeves.  

    Guinevere® Polishing Kit accessories include:
    1 - Swedish Organic Wax 50mL (11321)
    2 - Cloth Sleeves for Round Sander (11348)
    2 - Cloth Sleeves for Drum Sander (11358)  
    1 - Brush Sleeve for Round Sander (11349)  
    1 - Brush Sleeve for Drum Sander (11359)

    For orders of more than three (3), please call 1-800-942-1300 for US buyers and (850) 877-7650 for international buyers.

    Guinevere oil-based wax is primarily intended as a surface treatment on products that have undergone final finishing according to the Guinevere method.  This is a relatively basic surface treatment method that gives a silky matt surface and emphasizes the wood’s own beauty.  The oil-based wax contains Swedish cold pressed linseed oil (dries well) that penetrates into the wood and beeswax and wax from arctic bearberry (Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi) that forms a protective layer on top of the wood.  The surface is waxed using Guinevere brush polishing sleeves.  The oil-based wax is completely toxic free and can be used on objects that come into contact with food.

    Guinevere Instructions & FAQs (p.10)[PDF]

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