11345 Guinevere Round Sleeves - 220 Grit

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The very high quality, cloth backed sandpaper used to make the sleeves for the inflatable sanders allows you to achieve a perfect finish on your project each and every time. Every sanding sleeve is made to specifically fit each inflatable sander. The sleeves eliminate scratches and allows you to apply the sander's total width against the work piece or to use only the edge in all kinds of complex sanding. This kit contains three fine 220 grit sleeves. To eliminate deep scratches or gouges, start with a heavy grit working your way up to the lighter 220-320 and finer grit sanding sleeves for a final finish. 

The Starcke cloth material 542JFF and 531 JFF used for the bulb sanders, is slightly thinner than the KK711E material used in our cylindrical sleeves but has the same properties, making it ideal for the round sander. The main material we use on the round sleeves is a cloth backing which is extra sturdy but at the same time extremely flexible. Gluing of the aluminum oxide grain is done in several layers for optimum bonding of the grain to the cloth backing. This results in a high quality product where the grain doesn´t come off, even when doing real tough sanding jobs, including steel sanding. One small test that shows the quality of abrasives is to fold and squeeze the abrasive between your fingers and role the abrasive back and forth. With inferior quality abrasives you will see how the grains delaminate from the backing material. This is not the case with Guinevere sanding sleeves! The sharpness of the abrasive lasts a long time, however, we highly recommend using a cleaning stick to considerably extend the working life of each sleeve. 

For the 11341 Round Sander, sleeves are available in 60, 120, 220 and 320 grit. 

Our Round Inflatable Sander allows you to sand the inside bottom of a bowl, reaching those hard to reach contoured areas, which before could only be done by hand sanding. The Round Sander is excellent for sanding concave surfaces, like the inside and bottom of carved or turned bowls, and is perfect for sanding a cup or spoon. The sander actually becomes flat when pressed against a flat surface and round when pressed against a round surface i.e. the sanders conform to the underlying surface. Consequently the sanders should be filled with very little air. The round sander is are also particularly well suited for round, curved, bulging or cup-formed shapes. This sander virtually eliminates the need for hand sanding. 

The Guinevere sanding system can reduce your sanding time by 60%.  

Great tips:

Freehand Sanding

When you’re sanding, very fine wood fibers are forced down in the direction of the sander’s rotation (to the right). Here’s the tip –For your final sanding, if you sand for just a few seconds in the opposite direction, it will pull those fibers back up and remove them for that perfect tight-grain finish. This can be achieved by rotating the item you are sanding half a rotation (either to the left or right) and continue as described above. 

During normal sanding, with the inflatable sander in the flex shaft, attached to the Guinevere Sanding Motor, you will progress through the grit sizes and gently make contact with the wood using your desired grit sanding sleeve on the inflatable sander. For your final step, however,  rotate the workpiece half a rotation and sand for a few seconds using the 320 grit sleeve. This tip is extremely useful for final sanding on objects like spoon handles, bowls, ladles, knife handles, gunstocks and small art pieces where finish is important. 

Power Sanding on a Lathe with Guinevere

One of the advantages of the Guinevere Sanding System is its versatility and flexibility. Power sanding your turned piece while on the lathe saves time and protects your fingers from injury. Run your lathe at about 500 rpms. With the inflatable sander in the flex shaft, attached to the Guinevere Sanding Motor, gently make contact with the wood with the desired grit sanding sleeve on the inflatable sander. This will reduce your sanding time and quickly remove any tool marks. For your final sanding with the 320 grits sleeve, repeat the steps above, and if your lathe has a reverse setting, sand in reverse for just a minute to remove any fine wood fibers left on the surface.

The cloth backed sanding sleeves are highly flexible and made of the very best quality, sanding not only wood but also metals, plastic, bone and horn. To ensure maximum performance, it is therefore essential that only original Guinevere long-life sanding sleeves are used. On the round sander, the improved and original overlapping design of the sanding sleeves is to ensure longevity and optimum effectiveness in awkward places. As the sanders are both round and soft the tendency for them to be clogged by dust and resin is very small compared, for example, with rotating paper discs. The sharpness of the abrasive lasts a long time, however, we highly recommend using a cleaning stick to considerably extend the working life of each sleeve.  Cleaning sticks are included in each sanding set and are also available separately.

Guinevere Instructions and FAQs (p.10) [PDF]

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