10048 Merlin2® Disc - Fiberglass Cutoff Wheel

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The 2" (50mm) diameter x 10 mm center, fiberglass cutoff wheel is made of a hard abrasive then reinforced with fiberglass for slicing and cutting metal and hardened steel. This accessory fits all our fixed and variable speed Merlin2® miniature angle grinders - A Wizard of a Tool. Though it can be used on the single, fixed speed (13,000rpm) Merlin2®, we recommend it is best used on the variable speed model which allows greater control with its speed dial. This allows you to dial the speed up or down depending on your application.  Changing accessories is easy using the Allen key and lockdown spindle button in the die cast housing. Designed for use also with your high-speed cutter, these aluminum oxide cut-off wheels are fully reinforced with fiberglass mesh for added safety and controlled performance. Make fast, clean cuts in steel, stainless steel and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals with these abrasive cut-off wheels. It’s great for small metal sculptural work, small vehicle repairs, D-I-Y’s, hobbyists and taxidermists (e.g. cutting metal rods for legs) to name a few.

These fiberglass cut-off wheels are designed to give the user a fast, comfortable cut while providing long life and performance advantages over conventional products. Each wheel is designed to cut straight regardless of angle, like a saw blade - on its edge. Do not use for side to side cuts or on its face – it won’t work!  Ideal for cutting metals (nails, small diameter rods etc) and can be used to cut metal when used in conjunction with woodworking, wood turning and wood carving applications.

Merlin2® Instructions Safety Information [PDF]

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