10229 Merlin2 Sanding Star - 2" (50mm) Ultimate Sanding & Polishing Kit

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This is the grand daddy of the Merlin Sanding Stars, consisting of every type and grit in the Sanding Stars range, plus the medium and soft backing pads.  Mounting either pad on the Merlin2 mini angle grinder, the discs performed flawlessly and added a whole new dimension to the tool’s versatility and usefulness. From raw, power carved bowls, spoons and sculptures to turned bowls, we utilized all the discs in different stages using Merlin2. After using any of our tungsten carbide discs, the Extreme Orange discs work great at removing leftover rough gouges and marks.  Progressing to the Abranet discs, to our surprise, the finish they left on unfinished wood was like glass.  Final buffing with the Scuff & Buff discs was another leap of joy.  Applying a light wax, then final finishing with the Scuff & Buff white polishing disc was the icing on the cake. It leaves a museum quality finish. You won’t be disappointed starting out with this incredible set.


5 - 10201 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) Extreme Orange H&L 40Grit
5 - 10202 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) Extreme Orange H&L 60Grit
5 - 10203 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) Extreme Orange H&L 80Grit
5 - 10204 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) Extreme Orange H&L 120Grit
5 - 10205 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) Extreme Orange H&L 180Grit
5 - 10206 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) Extreme Orange H&L 240Grit
3 - 10207 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) 80 Grit Abranet H&L Disc
3 - 10208 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) 120 Grit Abranet H&L Disc
3 - 10209 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) 180 Grit Abranet H&L Disc
3 - 10210 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) 240 Grit Abranet H&L Disc
3 - 10211 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) 320 Grit Abranet H&L Disc
3 - 10212 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) 400 Grit Abranet H&L Disc
3 - 10213 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) Scuff&Buff Green 180G H&L Disc
3 - 10214 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) Scuff&Buff Maroon 300G H&L Disc
3 - 10215 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) Scuff&Buff Grey 600G H&L Disc
3 - 10216 Merlin Sanding Star 2" (50mm) Scuff&Buff White Polisher H&L Disc
1 - 10063 2" (50mm) H & L Backing Pad - Soft
1 - 10064 2" (50mm) H & L Backing Pad- Medium

We are pleased to introduce our comprehensive range of Merlin Sanding Stars, 16 new Hook & Loop (H&L) sanding accessories which are attached to the soft (#10063) and medium (#10064) backing pads of our Merlin2 miniature angle grinder.  They add a whole new dimension to the sanding and finishing process, vastly increasing Merlin2’s versatility. With their patented New Wave or star design, these discs consist of 6 oversize Extreme Orange discs, 6 oversize Abranet discs and 4 – 2” (50mm) Scuff and Buff discs.

Made by Performance Abrasives, we rigorously tested and found them all to be a perfect addition to our specialty range of accessories for Merlin2.  We have selectively packaged them in what we believed would be the most user friendly and economical combinations for our woodworking community. We are really proud to add them to our range and know they will make a great addition to your artistic endeavors.

Extreme Orange

The Extreme Orange discs consist of six (6) grits, 40, 60, 80,120, 180, 240 with an aluminum oxide coating on one side of the flexible H&L cloth disc. They provide fast, tool-free disc changes by easily and securely attaching to the backing pad. These over-size, aggressive discs are recommended for smoothing out rough wood surfaces, ideal for finishing inside tight spaces, radius corners, coves, molds and will easily conform to even and uneven surfaces.


The Merlin Sanding Stars 2″ (50mm) Abranet range consist of 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400 grit on flexible woven mesh H&L discs. They combine high performance with a longer lifespan than traditional abrasives. Designed for dry sanding by machine or by hand, its sanding characteristics result in a cleaner work environment, as well as a better surface finish. Working in dry hard and soft woods (e.g. maple, pine, cedar) through the higher grits, they have that “Wow” factor, leaving a polished to extremely highly polished finish like glass. When you apply a little wax finish, it “pops” even more, just a bit darker!

The Abranet discs are really easy to clean using an air gun on a compressor or Guinevere rubber cleaning stick. It makes these discs reusable and a very cost effective solution.

Scuff & Buff

The Merlin Sanding Star Scuff & Buff range consists of three (3) grits and one (1) polisher with the new wave star design: 180G Green, 300G Maroon, 600G Grey and Non Abrasive White.  Each disc is soft, flexible and easily attaches to the backing pad.  The White Star polishing disc on Merlin2 is used to massage in the wax after applying to the wood.  Rotating at slow speed, it rubs the wax in and heats it up as it get absorbed by the wood.  Use the discs in grit rotation – they’ll be the last discs you’ll use for final polishing!

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