Guinevere Basic Sanding System

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This is the sanding system that made Guinevere famous in the USA!. This system is the Perfect Starter Set and all you need to get going.  It’s really affordable and is the one kit your spouse will want you to buy – or most won’t need their permission at all!  And welcome to having a fun time sanding…

Guinevere Basic System For Sanding includes everything you need! This great starter system will give you a taste of what you can achieve with your masterpieces. Additionally, there is a wide assortment of additional sanding and polishing accessories and attachments available - you can build the custom system you want!

This set includes:
1 - Guinevere Motor 
1 - Flexible Shaft 
1 - Double-Acting Hand Pump 
1 - Inflatable Round Sander – 2” x 2” (50mm x 50mm) 
1 - Inflatable Drum Sander – 2” x 2” (50mm x 50mm)  
4 - Round Sleeves (Coarse to Extra Fine) 
4 - Drum Sleeves (Coarse to Extra Fine)  
1 - Cleaning Stick 
1 - Allen Key 

For orders of more than two (2), please call 1-800-942-1300 for US buyers and (850) 877-7650 for international buyers.

This is, without doubt, the most revolutionary sanding system to come out in years! Guinevere uses inflatable rubber sanders, flat and round, fitted either to a flexible shaft or the quiet 1⁄2 HP (300 watt) motor. The inflatable sanders are ruggedly built from Swedish steel and heavy rubber. From the quiet yet powerful motor to the complete range of long life sleeves, Guinevere ensures complete control over the sanding process. This system easily eliminates your laborious hand sanding process, saving you countless hours of sanding while putting a beautiful, silky smooth finish on your masterpieces. You will actually enjoy this sanding experience.

USES: Guinevere is a complete sanding system. Simply defined, it conforms to the shape of your work, whether concave, convex or flat. This patented system is ideal for difficult profiles, finishing small to medium carvings, boxes, bowls, musical instruments, duck decoys, walking sticks, fine furniture, toys, spoons, 3D-intarsia, taxidermy and a myriad of other DIY applications. The round shaped sanders are also particularly well suited for round, curved, bulging or cup-formed shapes where the drum sanders are great for putting the finishing touches on small to medium flat surfaces.

A TREASURE OF NATURAL BEAUTY WITHIN THE WOOD: Underneath all that wood, often deep in the grain, waiting for you to reveal its natural beauty- lies the treasure within! And in every creation made from wood it really is there, that beautiful silky smooth surface, even though it might still be concealed from the human eye. What can bring this feeling and beauty to the world? Guinevere! Only with Guinevere can you touch wood and experience a smoothness and velvet touch that is truly unique, revealing its natural beauty, structure and colors. It's a "Wow" feeling. Using Guinevere isn't just about sanding - It's a rewarding journey every time. The velvet wooden surface also protects the wood from dirt and moisture, minimizing application of finishing substances such as fillers, oils, stains and waxes.

SANDING AND POLISHING MOTOR: This small and portable, extremely quiet but powerful sanding and polishing motor is optimized for use with our flexible shaft and inflatable sanders. The 1/2HP (300 watt) 3,400 rpm motor is fitted with two chucks that open from 1/16" - 3/8" (1.5mm -10 mm). This means that you can quickly change between different combinations of sanders and grits. You can mount the flex shaft with one sander to the right side of the motor chuck with the other sander fitted to the remaining chuck. Both chucks are tapered-connected to the motor shaft guaranteeing smooth, vibration-free running. With safety being our top priority we also engineered precautions to ensure that the motor stops if a sander gets stuck for some unexpected reason.

INFLATABLE SANDERS: The Guinevere Inflatable Sanders are pumped up through an air inlet in the drive shaft located in the bottom of each sander. The air valve design leaves the bottom flat without a clumsy protruding valve on the sanders. This patented solution made it possible to make superior cylindrical drum sanders as well as a unique rounded sander with a Round shape at the business end. This molded rubber bulb constantly flexes and changes shape, making the sanders soft all the way to the edge. Guinevere eliminates scratches and allows you to apply the sander's total width against the work piece or to use only the edge in all kinds of complex sanding. The sander actually becomes flat when pressed against a flat surface and round when pressed against a round surface i.e. the sanders conform to the underlying surface. Consequently the sanders should be filled with very little air (the round sander, part number 11341, needs to be pumped slightly harder than the drum sander).

SANDING SLEEVES: Every sanding sleeve is made to specifically fit each inflatable sander. The sanding cloth material is highly flexible and made of the very best quality, sanding not only wood but also metals, plastic, bone and horn. As the sanders are both round and soft the tendency for them to be clogged by dust and resin is very small compared, for example, with rotating paper discs. The sharpness of the abrasive lasts a long time, however, we highly recommend using a cleaning stick to considerably extend the working life of each sleeve. Cleaning sticks are included in each sanding set and are also available separately.

FLEXIBLE SHAFT: We strongly recommend sanding with our flexible shaft since you can clearly see your progress whilst the sander smoothly follows the contours of your work piece. The flex shaft's high quality, vibration free design is optimally matched to the mandrels on each sander which makes them the ideal combination. With a maximum reach of 57" (1450mm) the flexible shaft, connected to the easily movable Sanding and Polishing Motor will allow you tremendous flexibility and maneuverability in most work positions. The shaft is intended for low-speed use, around 3000rpm, mainly for sanding and polishing. This quality Swedish Flex shaft has 2 encapsulated ball bearings in the hand piece and one in the drive end for continuous work and is extremely flexible due greatly to the double spiral steel cord in the protective tube. The shaft is rated between 3,000 - 10,000 rpm with a key chuck from 1/16" - 3/8" (1.5mm -10 mm). 

Guinevere Instructions & FAQs (p.10)[PDF]

Customer Reviews

Basic System For Sanding Review by Bernie Howell
It has been 3 years since we met when I bought my first tool from King Arthur's Tools. It was the Guinevere sanding system for my spoons and bowls. Since then I have bought every tool that you make. KA Tools have enhanced my production many, many times and greatly improved the quality of my work. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who does woodworking or carves.

King Arthur's Tools are the best thing to come along since sex, grits and Dixie cups! (Posted on 2/10/2017)
Basic System For Sanding Review by Joseph Marshall
I've had this system in my shop now for about 4 months. I have to say a love it with a few caveats. It does what I need it to do and it does it well. It's a little finicky though, the sanding heads can slide around if the bulbs are not fully inflated and these can be hard to inflate sometimes. I have had the power switch burn out after only a week but KAtools were excellent in their CS and had a new one to me in 48 hrs. It has worked seamlessly since. I built an entire workbench around this tool and don't regret it. The only thing I would like to see improved on this is the run time. It says that it should be only used for 15 mins and then off for 15 mins. This is an awkward schedule when I'm trying to get out three to four bowls a day and means I have to switch carving stations constantly rather than having one smooth production line running. The addition of a professional model that has a cooling capacity would solve this problem, I'd pay the extra money for it. All around the only tool to do what I need and it does it well, minus the hobby shop time limits. See some of the stuff I created at (Posted on 2/10/2017)

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