40960 Igraine Sander - 60 Grit Medium - Universal Fit 22mm

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Medium 60 Grit Flap Disc Sander with 7/8"(22mm) center fits ALL grinders.

Our  4” x 7/8” (100mm x 22mm) flap disc sanders are exclusive, worldwide only to King Arthur’s Tools and will conveniently fit all angle grinders from 4-1/2” (115mm to 125mm) with a standard 7/8” (22mm) arbor. Both are tightened using the respective 5/8” or 14mm thread Universal Nut.

This Type 29 conical disc is designed for light stock removal, blending, and finishing in a single operation. It's good for use on material such as aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, carbon steel, and titanium.  Types of applications flap disc sanders are typically used in are blending welds, deburring, cleaning and finishing applications, stock removal,  edge chamfering, and rust removal.

IGRAINE® Flap Disc Sanders are available in three grits. Use Lancelot® and Squire® for mass removal and rough shaping, then use Galahad® or Holey Galahad to smooth down the ridges, Igraine® flap discs for major surface area sanding and finishing, then complete the project with Guinevere® to obtain a super fine velvet touch finish. Apply your liquid or wax finishes after either Igraine® or Guinevere®, depending on your choice of surface grit finish.

Features conical shaped flaps angled at 10 degrees. Type 29 discs are ideal for contour and edge work. Most efficient when used between a 15 degree to 25 degree angle. The angled flaps provide a greater surface contact for a more aggressive cut. High Density discs have 40% more abrasive cloth than the standard discs which provides longer life and twice the removal rate while producing a softer grind. The thicker design conforms better to irregular shapes. Standard discs are a general purpose discs intended for applications that do not require extensive material removal.

Specifications: Available in 24 grit (coarse), 60 grit (medium) and 80 grit (fine) in both 5/8” (16mm) and 7/8” (22mm) center holes to fit standard (4-1/2") and metric (115mm to 125mm) angle grinders.

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