10303 KAT4 Essentials Round and Flat Carbide Coarse

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KAT4 ESSENTIALS are a limited edition series, which include 4 different 2” (50mm) accessories in each set. They fit our popular Merlin2 miniature angle grinder and any mini angle grinder that uses 2” (50mm) accessories with a 10mm center hole e.g. Proxxon and Arbortech.  Each KAT4 set has been carefully selected by our team of woodcarvers and woodturners to provide value and versatility to all owners of mini grinders. And carvers who are working on a smaller scale can enjoy the rapid, yet controlled stock removal that large project carvers have enjoyed for years.

Round & Flat Carbide Coarse Set includes:
•10008 Merlin2 Extreme Coarse Blue Carbide Disc - 2" (50mm)
•10009 Merlin2 Coarse Red Carbide Disc - 2" (50mm)
•10087 Merlin2 Coarse Blue All Surface 3 Edge Disc Thin Profile 
•10088 Merlin2 Medium Red All Surface 3 Edge Disc Thick Profile


Purchased as a KAT4 set you save 30% over buying them individually.

#10303 Round & Flat Carbide Coarse set includes two each of our exclusive round and flat profile tungsten carbide discs. It contains one of each round profile blue extreme coarse and red coarse disc; one of each flat profile, triple surface blue coarse and red medium disc. They are extremely useful for creating or carving concave or convex shapes, (inward or outward contours) and deep hollows in vessels like spoons and bowls as well as detail work on animal or facial sculptures. You can use all these discs on their face or edge. All will remove, smooth, outline and shape wood safely and easily in a controlled manner.

The round profile blue extreme coarse disc removes and shapes material very swiftly, leaving a smooth but very coarse finish. It is the most aggressive so start your project with this ravenous beauty.

The round profile red coarse disc removes and shapes material pretty darn quick, leaving a smooth but coarse surface finish. It has become our most popular all round disc.

The thin, flat profile 5/32" (4mm) blue coarse disc is an All Surface 3 Edge Tungsten Carbide Disc.  Cutting down into the wood, it leaves a thin plunge cut about 1/8” (0.125mm) wide, leaving a coarse edge finish.

The thick, flat profile 13/64" (5mm) red medium disc is also an All Surface 3 Edge Tungsten Carbide Disc. Cutting down into the wood, it leaves a plunge cut about 1/4” (0.25mm) wide, leaving a medium edge finish.  

 All discs have durable tungsten carbide coatings that will last job after job. These carving discs are the perfect tool for hard to reach, tight space shaping in confined areas - giving you effortless control while saving you time, but with different degrees of aggressiveness and finish.  Regardless of whether you’re a casual hobbyist or professional craftsperson!

The great feature about the two flat profile discs is their ability to cut on all sides at the same time; 1) on their face like sandpaper 2) on their edge, like a saw or blade 3) on their back to achieve results like you haven’t experienced before! and 4) plunge cutting, then using the front and back of the discs to smooth the opposite sides of the wood e.g. spiral cuts on woodturning. These all edge discs are coated with Tungsten Carbide teeth on all cutting surfaces, front, edge and back. Their rapid cutting action and incredibly smooth operation make them excellent for contouring small bowls, spoons, turned pieces and walking sticks. 

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