Knight's Economy 14/22 RCG

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Any Knights Economy Kit offers a versatile, affordable introduction to woodcarving and a ton of general D-I-Y jobs around the house.  Common to all is your choice of 2 different cutting blades, 2 - Igraine flap disc sanders with our exclusive 7/8” (22mm) center holes, 1 – Galahad CG of your choice, Round or Flat, and 1 – Universal Nut.  You can choose between 1) using different Lancelot and Squire chainsaw cutting blades as single accessories or you can use them in tandem combination for more demanding applications and 2) your specific Galahad CG tungsten carbide disc.

For orders of more than two (2), please call 1-800-942-1300 for US buyers and (850) 877-7650 for international buyers.

This set includes:

Standard: 1 - 14-tooth Lancelot 5/8" • 1 - 22-tooth Lancelot 5/8" • 1 Round Galahad CG • 2 - Igraines: 24 Grit and 60 Grit • 1 Universal Nut

Metric: 1 - 14-tooth Lancelot • 1 - 22-tooth Lancelot • 1 Round Galahad CG • 2 - Igraines: 24 Grit and 60 Grit • 1 Universal Nut

Knights Economy Kits are quality and affordable selections of some of our most popular accessories. These starter kits provide more tool options for outdoor projects like general carpentry and landscaping and are excellent entry level accessories for basic carving and sculpting. These complete sets offer a favorable discounted price compared to individual purchases.

This kit Includes following two Lancelot blades, 45822 and 45814. Refer to Lancelot 45822 and 45814 to learn more about their awesome power. Galahad CG is 4-1/2” (115mm) diameter with a 7/8” (22mm) center hole. It features randomly spaced tungsten carbide Crushed Grit with a medium coarse finish on both Round and Flat profiles.

With this versatile combination, you get the best of both worlds. Mass removal performance is excellent and if the 22 tooth blade is mounted over the 14 tooth, (closest to the universal nut), the finish is finer in convex and sweeping shaping. In combination, you have 36 teeth removing and shaping your material. This versatile combination also provides two tooth choices when used individually for detail work. The Galahad CG Round is great for general molding and sculpting of wood, soft stone, rubber and plastic when used in predominantly long, or large, flat areas.  It can also be used in small areas of contoured and concave patterns (inward and outward shapes) when used on its face or edge. After using Galahad CG, you’ll finish your work with the Igraine flap disc sanders.

Note 1: The choice of blades is the same for either the 5/8” (16mm) standard or 14mm metric center shaft angle grinders. You specify the size on the drop down bar when ordering. All kits include the respective thread Universal Nut for single or tandem combination use. These accessories can only be used safely on 4-1/2" (115mm) and 125mm angle grinders.

Note 2:  If you require premium, longer lasting discs check out our See-Through Holey Galahad discs where each model has a range of different grits and finishes, ranging from Extreme Coarse to Fine. Using Galahad CG, for a smoother surface, you can finish your work with flap disc sanders or other finish sanders.

Lancelot Instructions [PDF]
Lancelot FAQs [PDF]
Tips & Techniques for Tandem Combinations
Galahad CG Instructions [PDF]
Universal Nut Instructions [PDF]

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