Holey Galahad Round Collection

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The Holey Galahad Round Collection is a kit that contains all four round profile accessories which will greatly reduce your shaping and finishing time on convex and concave areas. The Round Extreme Purple (REP) and Round Coarse Blue (RCB) are great for fast removal and shaping, which combined with the Round Medium Red (RMR) then progressing down to the Round Fine Green (RFG), takes the hard work out of laborious shaping from start to virtual finish. The Round Kit is extremely useful for sculptures or shapes with convex and concave surfaces but also takes care of flat areas. The individual item descriptions contain specific information on usage and technical data. For orders of more than two (2), please call 1-800-942-1300 for US buyers and (850) 877-7650 for international buyers.

POWER CARVING KITS are choice selections of our most popular accessories and have been tailored to repetitive individual enquiries received over the years. These sets also offer a discounted price compared to individual purchases.  

The Holey Galahad Round Collection is one of our most aggressive kits as it contains the Round Extreme Coarse Purple (REP) which is excellent for rapid removal and shaping, especially for convex and concave areas. Not as fast in removal and rough shaping as any of our Lancelot or Squire chainsaw blades, it comes close!  Combined with the Round Coarse Blue (RCB), then progressing down to the Round Medium Red (RMR) and Round Fine Green (RFG).

The Round Kit includes: 1 - Round Extreme Coarse Purple (REP) • 1 - Round Coarse Blue (RCB) • 1 - Round Medium Red (RMR) • 1 - Round Fine Green (RFG) • 1 - Universal Nut (specify whether 5/8or 14mm center hole thread) • Instructions

General Information: All HOLEY GALAHADs® Open A Window To Your Work. See where you’ve been and where you’re going without stopping or lifting the grinder. HOLEY GALAHAD® is a new generation of patented carbide discs with “see through” technology – enabling you to see the workpiece surface behind the disc while you’re working. No more stopping and lifting the tool to see the surface of your work. This unique design feature dramatically improves production by up to 15% and replaces literally hundreds of flap disc sanders. You’ll notice an immediate difference, Holey Galahad® quickly allows you to shape peaks and valleys into smooth surfaces as you see them, eliminating the need to “feel” the high and low spots. You can see what you’re doing and where you’re going as you work as opposed to the standard procedure of carve, lift, check and repeat. • Round and Flat Profiles (Suited to contoured, concave and flat surfaces) • Discs can be used on both their face and edge surfaces • Excellent Value (One disc saves costs in sandpaper, time, and effort.)

FEATURES: Nothing shapes wood better! From bowls to bears to artistic sculptures to log homes, furniture making, and taxidermy – anytime you need to get a final shape, whether flat or contoured, Holey Galahad® can help bring your vision to reality. Holey Galahad® features patented carbide teeth that move effortlessly with or against the grain on all types of wood. These extremely sharp, long wearing conical teeth provide superior surface removal with a very smooth action, making Holey Galahad® easy to control.

TECHNICAL: Made in USA. Designed to fit most 4-1/2” (115mm) and Metric 125mm angle grinders. Maximum 14,000RPM. All discs are 4” (100mm) in diameter  with 7/8 (22mm) center holes  and feature patented structured tungsten carbide teeth bonded to steel discs over the total cutting surface. Tungsten carbide needles manufactured in a 5-stage patented process.

Using King Arthur’s Tools Universal Nut, you can seat any model Holey Galahad, but the Universal Nut is specifically required to fit the round profile discs over the arbor. The depression in the universal nut seats over the arbor of the angle grinder and securely tightens the disc. The KAT Universal Nut also seats snugly into the deep well center of Holey Galahad.  Tighten the hexagonal head of the KAT Universal Nut using a 21mm spanner or our KAT Universal Wrench.

 Specifications: Please specify your choice of either the 5/8” (16mm) standard or 14mm metric Universal Nut for your angle grinder. All kits include a Universal Nut.

Holey Galahad Instructions [PDF]
Universal Nut Instructions [PDF]

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